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CITIZEN ACTION! This is what it's all about... was launched on May 13, 2005 to fill a void left by the American mainstream media. At that time, and for weeks afterward, it was the sole site on the internet dedicated to informing the American public of the DSM and other leaked UK government records, and encouraging grassroots activism on the topic. 

The primary aim of the site is to provide a resource for anyone who wants to understand the meaning and context of these documents as they relate to the Bush administration's case for war. 

While we make no claims of being non-partisan, we are not supported by or otherwise affiliated with any interest group or political party. Some may find it difficult to believe that a handful of concerned citizens could produce an online resource such as this, so we want to let it be known that what you see on this site is solely the product of the people listed below. is:

Gina Fesmire – founder, web designer
Mike Kasper – researcher, database administrator
Michael Clark - researcher, writer, and creator of our Awaken the Media and Awaken the Senate campaigns
Terre Fernandez - researcher and quality control manager
Charlie Christensen - researcher, writer
Mike Youngling – researcher, writer
Bob Fesmire – spokesperson 

Honor Roll – others who have made significant contributions, past and present

Georgia Logothetis - founder, writer, blogger extraordinaire
Michael Wood - founder and creator of our first “killer app”, the Secret Realities vs. Public Statements table
Elenor Sheldon – document transcription
Sylvia Walker – document transcription
Neeta Lind – event organization and motivational support


We dedicate this site to the the thousands of people
—soldiers and civilians—
who have been killed or injured as a result of this war.


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