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Sunday, July 31, 2005 

War's origins and status quo both rooted in same Bushco manure

This week, President Bush is expected to make John Bolton the US ambassador to the UN, despite Bolton's failure to be confirmed by the Senate. He will become the first person the US has sent to the UN without such a confirmation.

At first it struck me as simply another example of the administration's obstinate bullying--if the Senate won't confirm who we want, we'll install him anyway with a recess appointment.

However, another news story appeared this weekend that made me think about the Bolton appointment in a different light. Michael Smith provides an update in the Sunday Times (story at bottom of page) on the prewar bombing that began in May 2002 under the guise of no-fly zone patrols. Turns out that in the seven months prior to May, there were 32 "provocations" recorded by allied pilots. The seven months before that: 370.

Obviously the change in tactics to include offensive strikes was not the result of increased Iraqi activity. This should cement in place the fact that the US and UK were engaged in an air war beginning in 2002, prior to obtaining UN resolution 1441, prior to obtaining Congressional approval for the use of force, and without any factual support for their rationale.

It seems almost like Bush is hurrying to ram through his latest agenda item (i.e., Bolton) because his past is rapidly catching up to him. Every time it looks like he might be able to turn people's attention to other things, Iraq rears its head again. Often it's the current news--car bombings, assasinations, sectarian violence--but occasionally something like this wafts in from the past. And the smell is familiar.

The reasons behind how we got into Iraq are directly related to the ongoing difficulty we are having there. The same hubris and plain stupidity that drove the invasion are now preventing the administration from seeing the obvious errors of its ways. Meanwhile, the world looks on. The US has no credibility left with which to win over hearts and minds--whether in Iraq among the people we're supposedly trying to help, or in Europe among the people who usually lend a hand with this nation building business.

I don't expect the president or his acolytes will ever acknowledge their failures with regard to Iraq and the War on Terror (oh, excuse me--make that the Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism). But people are beginning to connect the dots. Bush wanted this war from the beginning, and he made it happen despite numerous obstacles, like how to conduct an air campaign without anyone really knowing its full scope. He figured that one out--wrap the offensive strikes in with the no-fly zone patrols.

Each time one of the administration's dirty tricks comes into view, it's another "dot" that connects to others already exposed. How many more dots can the administration expect the public to absorb without naming the image they see emerging?

 posted by ukiyo1  # 7:46 PM  
When the bloggers connect ALL the dots, we'll send a courtesy fax to MSM. Let's just hope they do us the courtesy of reporting it.
I commend you guys for your persistence, but just in case you didn't notice, no one cares about the DSM anymore.

The Dems would rather focus on Rove and Plamegate.

Just a suggestion, but maybe you should change this site to ;)
Plame, Rove, Bolton, DSM--all "dots" in the emerging picture. People are already waking up to the fact that these things are part of a pattern. Bush wanted to invade Iraq, and he spun a gripping story about WMD and terrorism to get us there. And he crushed anyone who dared to question his assertions. Now the truth about his bogus story and his caveman tactics is coming out. If you think the Plame case, John Bolton and the DSM are not related to each other, you're not paying attention.
Don't forget the BIG DOT > PNAC
... no one cares about the DSM anymore...

Anonymous at 1:23 PM

Rove/Plame and the DSM are connected. It all has to do with the build up for war.
On the contrary, everyone cares about DSM anymore....

With the visibility of the CIA traitor scandal, bolton, and protests everywhere the entire country is realizing the facts and intelligence were being fixed around the policy

They're all connected, and the DSM has shattered their dreams.
Times of London: Saddam's germ war plot traced to UK cow

An August 9 story published in the Times of London has reported facts concerning the source of a key 1980s anthrax shipment from the United States to Saddam Hussein's Iraq. This history was revealed several weeks ago in a white paper posted at Deep Blade Journal.

These revelations about US support for Iraq's unconventional weapons during the period of Saddam Hussein's worst atrocities line up right along with the documentary evidence in the Downing Street memos that the Bush and Blair had taken the decision to go to war in 2002 using false premises about Saddam's weapons programs. Of course, the hypocrisy is multiplied because the weapons dangers from Iraq cited by Bush, Blair, and other officials in 2002, 2003, and beyond as justification for the war derived from support their own governments provided.
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