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Wednesday, June 22, 2005 

The war started in May, 2002

I take it all back. The Bush administration hadn't made up its mind to GO to war in the summer of 2002--they decided to START a war in 2002.

Statistics on US/UK bombing activity in the southern no-fly zone of Iraq during 2002 have recently been made available from the British Defense Department. The following is a record of ordnance dropped, in tons, by month:

March - 0.0
April - 0.3
May - 7.3
June - 10.4
July - 9.5
August - 14.1
September - 54.6
October - 17.7
November - 33.6
December - 53.2

Keep in mind that the missions on which these bombs were dropped were patrols of the no-fly zone created to protect the Shia in the south (and Kurds in the north) from attacks by the regime. Pilots had strict orders to engage only if they were targeted or fired upon, and they were permitted to retaliate only against the anti-aircraft guns, missiles, or radar that had engaged them.

The uptick in bombing in May corresponds to a shift in policy, announced by Donald Rumsfeld, that allowed these patrols to engage in offensive, unprovoked attacks on "command and control centers". Of particular interest to Rumsfeld was the regime's newly installed fiber optic communications network that made traditional monitoring techniques useless. Michael Smith also describes here how the pre-war bombing facilitated the movement of special forces into Iraq.

But the air campaign served a dual purpose. It softened up Iraqi defenses in preparation for the ground assault the administration knew it would soon undertake, but it also represents the "spikes of activity" UK Defense Secretary Geoff Hoon describes in the DSM that the US had begun to "put pressure on the regime." The bombing was meant to provoke a response that would, in turn provide a ready excuse for invasion.

In a sick twist of irony, this unauthorized air war was going on even as Congress debated the use of force in Iraq, making that debate nothing more than a farce. If I was inclined toward conspiracy theories, I might even be tempted to view the (relative) drop in bombing activity during October as being timed to quiet things down for the mid-term elections. But I'm sure there is a perfectly valid reason for dropping only 17.7 TONS of bombs instead of the previous month's 54. I just don't think the administration is inclined to tell us what that reason was anytime soon.

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Cool DSM cartoons I found over at Democratic Underground:
I think it's sad that some would choice to write like "above" in a poke-fun sort of way. In reality, there is nothing funny about our nation placing our troops and all of us in harms way all in the name of what...? War-profitters (GE, Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, Bechtel, and others) and Oil.

Not only have we lost 1700 plus America soldiers, and hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraq people, whom did nothing to us whatsoever, but clearly these documents prove to this American that very powerful, wealthy men and women in this country could careless about the welfare of all of America, much less the world.

It's a sad day when I see my fellow Americans turn their heads in ignorance, and choice to make-fun of such a significantly important issuse as this provides.

All I can say is "forgive them fore they know not what they do..." that's fairly obvious at this point.

Thank You, Congressman Conyers and his congressional House supporters, and thank you to all those working behind the scenes from here to Britain and back. At least half of us still care.
From Monday 06/20/05
"Look at all the facts. That's all I ask people to do." - Pres Bush.

FACT: Pres. Bush says he "honors" the deaths of our soldiers in Iraq who have given their lives, fighting for freedom and democracy but has yet to attend one (1) single funeral for our 1700+ men and women who have died.
Sources -

FACT: The US Lied to Britain over Use of Napalm in Iraq War
American officials lied to British ministers over the use of "internationally reviled" napalm-type firebombs in Iraq.

Other sources - (over 100,000 hits)

FACT: Horror of USA's Depleted Uranium in Iraq Threatens World
American use of DU is "A crime against humanity which may, in the eyes of historians, rank with the worst atrocities of all time." US Iraq Military Vets "are on DU death row, waiting to die."

Other sources - (over 400,000 hits)

Despite these facts, showing the following below to people has a more immediate impact and may be one of our greatest chances we have to inspire people to take action.

These are pictures very few of us, if any, have seen on TV or in the news - they are pictures of the young men and women who served in our military and were wounded in Iraq & Afghanistan.

I don't recommend you view these while eating (some are graphic)
I have been keeping on top of DSM activities on a daily basis. I find it appauling that the mainstream media does not see this important enough to report! Our country's integrity is been being destroyed, though it has already been tarnished by "starting a needless war", but what little integrity our country may have had is truly being compromised by the "elite" of this country. "The land of opportunity"? For who?....and when did that change? I want to salute our brave troops who are on the front lines and pray they return safely to their families and pray for those who have needlessly lost their loved ones already. God Bless America! We certainly need all the help we can get.
I find it 'appauling' too and wonder why anyone would 'choice' to put up with it.
the war started in 1990, but we don't expect you to have that much memory left
Forget about these "fixing facts" issues. We will be mired in symantics forever if we do. The bigger dimension here is one that is more easily proved: the fact that Bush began wartime military offensive action against Iraq without Congressional authority, and in violation of international law.

On October 15, 2002, as reported by as Associated Press

Bush "changed its targeting in recent months, not necessarily hitting back at facilities from which the hostilities originate, but rather planning strikes that will do the most to disable Iraq air defenses".

His actions are documented again in the 2002 Downing Street minutes.

"the US had already begun spikes of activity to put pressure on the regime"

In other words, Bush shifted from using force in a Congressionally-authorized way (protecting the "No-Fly Zone"), to the unauthorized way (offensive tactics for starting a war).

War is not an open-ended concept. The Gulf War ended ended in 1991. To launch another offensive attack on them requires a new grant of authority by Congress. Bush did not have this. In doing so, the Bush administration ignored the mandate of the United States Constitution which requires Congressional authorization to wage war, and also violated international law. These are abuses of power and acts of serious misconduct, which fit in the category high crimes under the Constitution. In other words, an impeachable offense.
The Downing Street Memo can't be a smoking gun if I havn't heard about it in a major news outlet. Not trying to be funny here. I'm serious.

Every journalista wants an award. Edward R. Murrow, Pulitzer, what have you. Basicaly you get an award when you destroy a career or reputation.

This is all interesting, but I don't think that this will change anything, today. What we need is a whistleblower who will use the DSM as evidence.

Anyway, enjoy your mental masturbation.

(America, what more do you need? Here it is all spelled out and you still don't give a fuck. Makes me want to cry. Too bad they canceled "Friends". Nice to see Katie and Tom are getting married. So sorry to hear about Brad Pitt and Jennifer. Congratulations Michael Jackson.)
Wow so just over 200 tons were dropped during those 10 months in 2002.

Interesting that you chose to leave off January and February, could that be due to the fact that it doesn't contribute to your little conspiracy theory?

So a little over 200 tons were dropped in 2002. Lets take a moment to compare that to 1999-2001.

2001 (with Bush in the White House)
107 tons were dropped during the full year.

2000 (with Clinton in the White House)
155 tons were dropped during the full year.

1999 (with Clinton in the White House)
380 tons were dropped during the full year.

And lets not even get into Operation Desert Fox from 1998 during the Clinton admin when 100's of cruise missiles and precision guided bombs were dropped during period of just a few days.
but rather planning strikes that will do the most to disable Iraq air defenses".

Why? Because those air defenses have been targeting coalition aircraft. Which was not permitted. And that was certainly not the first time we have hit facilities related to the Iraqi AA defenses, especially since it was Saddam's stated goal to shoot down and capture American pilots enforcing the no-fly zone.

If we were really targeting Iraqi sites that would have resulted in making the war easier then we would have hit the HQ's of some of the Republican Guard divisions located south of Baghdad.

War is not an open-ended concept. The Gulf War ended ended in 1991.

So then I am sure you can post the permanent peace treaty that was signed after the Gulf War? Thats right it doesn't exist.

There was a cease-fire signed which is a temporary cessation of hostilities contingent upon one side (the Iraqis) living up to the conditions set forth. Unfortunately the Iraqis decided to tell us and the world to f$*k off and disregard the cease-fire and 18 UN resolutions.
Let's really dumb this thing down so you understand... Say you and I have an agreement in which you won't eat my delicious sandwich that is on the table between us. Suddenly, you decide not to abide by that agreement and reach for my sandwich, so I slap your hand to put you back in your place, telling you "you have to follow our agreement". You say, "to heck with our agreement, I want your sandwich". You keep reaching, I keep slapping. Then, one day, rather than sitting around protecting my sandwich (which is old and stale at this point), I secretly steal your wallet, even though I know it's illegal. Are my actions allowable? If a photo came out years later which proved that I indeed stole your wallet, would my actions still be forgiven because you had repeatedly denied the terms of our "sandwich treaty"? It's a crude, school-age analogy, but it seems as though that is what we face here.
That could quite possibly be the worst analogy in history.

Perhaps you should stick to directly addressing the issues brought up above you. If you can...
PNAC has hijacked Constitution . Bushco has betrayed ALL American parents.
I am convinced that shortly after the 9/11 tragedy, Karl Rove and Dick Chaney, both self-serving cowards, went into one of their back rooms, closed the door, and howled with glee - they were handed the excuse to invade Iraq, an action that had been in the planning stage years before Bush was elected. Cowards all.
I recall that at a fund raiser for the presidency in 1999 Bush described himself to be a "war-president." Interesting that he was also a profit who could see into the future. This administration has planned this war for years. The dream to control that section of the worlds oil supply has come to a bloody fruition and that blood falls from the hands of the bush administration.We need to stand together and demand that congress investigates DSM. We need to contact the media and demand information, debate and truth. We must boycot the media if they choose to continue silencing this issue.
The dream to control that section of the worlds oil supply has come to a bloody fruition and that blood falls from the hands of the bush administration.

Can someone explain how we now control the oil in Iraq? Last time I checked they weren't shipping us free oil. Instead Iraq is selling it on the open world oil market and countries from Asia to Europe are buying it. They have not given us any oil fields either.
BBC News World Edition
"Secret US Plans for Iraq's Oil"
Thursday March 17, 2005
by Greg Palast
Reporting for BBC Newsnight(London)
Surprisingly, BushCo doesn't seem to have invaded for the oil--that appears to have been a "bonus" pursuit. Check out Russ Baker's newest, "Why George Went to War," Baker interviews W's former ghost-writer for his autobiography, Mickey Herskowitz, who reveals W's inclination to go to war for political gain, w/Iraq on his mind even in 1999.

Even more chilling, perhaps, is the context for that view:

"Bush apparently accepted a view that Herskowitz, with his long experience of writing books with top Republicans, says was a common sentiment: that no president could be considered truly successful without one military 'win' under his belt." Referenced are the swift & limited invasions of the Falklands, Grenada, Panama & the Gulf War.

On another topic, I note that is organizing a Downing Street National Day of Action July 23 to strengthen support for a House Resolution of Inquiry to investigate possible grounds for the President's impeachment. Participants are putting together town-hall-style meetings, panels & house parties to discuss the DSM.
Why are so many of us "anonymous"?

Is there a pervasive fear of retaliation by BushCo for our almost universal support(on this site) of a through investigation of abuses of this government?
whoops...thorough, not through
Anyone know where the documents are posted that shows that Guantanamo Prison was being funded PRIOR TO 9-11-01 ?

I'd have to say this is a 'smoking gun' if anyone can find those documents. I remember Rep Marcy Kaptur was trying to get Congress to investigate this, shall we say, premature war funding...
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