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Friday, June 24, 2005 

Rove spins 9/11 one more time

The administration is feeling the heat. Public sentiment is turning against the war, and agains the President. In an uncharacteristic public statement, Bush's chief political advisor Karl Rove invoked the ghost of 9/11 in a thoroughly revolting attack on "liberals". He said:
"Liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers. Conservatives saw the savagery of 9/11 and the attacks and prepared for war."

I'll go one better--conservatives (if he's referring to the Bush administration) already were prepared for war, and soon would be waging one (without a Congressional mandate), but it wouldn't be against al Qaida. Does anyone with a pulse still believe this ridiculous conflation of Saddam and Osama? If Bush is trotting out Rove to conk us over the head with the emotional bludgeon of 9/11, things must be getting pretty desperate in the marketing.. I mean communications department at the White House.

The really great quote, though, comes later:
"Conservatives saw what happened to us on 9/11 and said we will defeat our enemies. Liberals saw what happened to us and said we must understand our enemies."

Obviously Mr. Rove has not read his Sun Tzu. How do you propose to defeat an enemy you do not understand, grasshopper? If the enemy is terrorism, then we must understand what gives rise to terrorism at attack it at its source. Otherwise we will be condemned to swat at flies while standing in a manure pile. Oh, and the flies--they can kill us.

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If the Democrats had a sound machine like the Republicans, the talk yesterday and today would be about getting Rove to apologize, and about why Durban should not have apologized for reading an TBI report into the record.
hey check this:
Besides the firestorm of criticism he drew for his ridiculous remarks on how liberals reacted to the September 11th tragedy, he said a few other things we should probably examine.

* "[Conservatives] want few regulations; [Liberals] want more."

Comment: Maybe what they mean is, it's easier not to have regulations if you just change science. The Bush administration had his aides deliberately alter scientific environmental reports to make the results friendlier to his administration's policy. Whalah! Who needs more regulations when the problem magically disappears? In addition, they passed a regulation through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that would forbid the public release of some data relating to unsafe motor vehicles. If there's "no problem", there's no need for intervention, right?

* "Conservatives measure the effectiveness of government programs by results; liberals measure the effectiveness of government programs by inputs."

Comment: I have four words to say, "No Child Left Behind". Need we say more? Oh, right... "Operation Iraqi Freedom". My mistake.

* "We believe in curbing the size of government; they believe in expanding the size of government."

Comment: Perhaps the Washington Post said it best when they said, "In many ways, Bush is simply accelerating the trend toward a bigger, more activist government that was started early in his presidency." In Bush's first term, the size of the federal government has grown from 18.5 percent of GDP -- where it was on the day Bill Clinton left office -- to 20.3 percent of GDP today. The 33 percent growth in the budget is about as large as the growth of the budget during Clinton's entire eight-year presidency.

* "Conservatives believe in making America a less litigious society; liberals believe in making America a more litigious society."

Comment: Yet Jeb Bush organizes frivolous lawsuits against the husband of Terry Schaivo, in a pathetic effort of retaliation. It hurts when you make a political grandstand, and then America slaps you in the face for playing politics with family tragedies, doesn't it Jeb?

* "We believe in accountability and parental choice in education; they don't."

Comment: Bush has touted his "No Child Left Behind" law as "the most significant education reforms in 35 years". But some of those Texas claims were scaled back after school officials were shown to be fudging the numbers to disguise high drop-out rates. I guess the accountability methods used are the same used as Bush's buddy, "Kenny Boy" Lay from Enron.

* "Conservatives believe in advancing what Pope John Paul II called a 'culture of life'; liberals believe there is an absolute unlimited right to abortion."

Comment: I don't know of any legislation which is designed to allow an unlimited right to abortion. Late-term abortions are not allowed, for example. Perhaps if Rove wants to quote Pope John Paul II, he should talk about how the pontiff warned President George Bush that American occupation forces in Iraq were damaging efforts to bring religions together He also told Bush that his policies in the Middle East in general were not helping the cause of peace.

FINAL COMMENT: Mr. Rove, your weakness is apparent. Your fifteen minutes are expiring. Step aside and watch the people take back our country once again.
Their government warned some of their officials against flying commercial airlines before 911.

Before July 26, 2001, FBI told the AG to fly private jets for the rest of his term:

According to Janes Defense and Indian Time, the war on Afganistan was planned on before 911.

According to O'Neill, the war on Iraq was planned before 911:

Does Karl remember these?
Their government warned some of their officials against flying commercial airlines before 911.

Before July 26, 2001, FBI told the AG to fly private jets for the rest of his term:

Does it make sense for the top law enforcement official in the United States to fly on commercial aircraft. He would certainly be one of the top targets in the government. Just as the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of State do not fly commercially, it makes sense that the Attorney General would not fly on commercial aircraft.

You might have a point if the entire cabinet stopped flying commercial aircraft, but that is not the case. All you have is the biggest target (terrorist or otherwise) not flying on commercial aircraft.

According to O'Neill, the war on Iraq was planned before 911:

That only relevat quote from O'Neill in that article:

"From the very beginning, there was a conviction that Saddam Hussein was a bad person and that he needed to go."

Does anyone dispute that? Seems like a reasonable assesment to me.
Karl Rove & PNAC - You're fired!!!
Great now the 9/11 conspiracy theory nut jobs are moving in. There goes this site.

Clinton couldn't keep his blow jobs a secret, but these people would have us believe that thousands of government employees are keeping secret the government sponsored murder of 3,000 fellow American citizens.

They need to bring back the X-files so that there people have something to keep them occupied.
Don't worry... the site is not going to be taken over by conspiracy promoters :-)

The opinions expressed in the public comments area do not reflect the opinions of the site operators. Like any public forum, we have our share of fringe elements and trolls (please don't feed them) that need to just be ignored. There is enough going on in the real world to keep us and this site busy, believe me!
Unfortunately, the real conspiracy is being un-reported by the American mainstream media, our shadow government, the ones that planned this imperialistic quagmire long before Downing Street Minutes showed us the light, the ones that own George W. Bush > the Neo-Con think tank...PNAC (Project for a New American Century) and the other organizations that fund them with multimillion dollar donations. Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us , and so did John W. Dean, both of them Republicans.
Great article, both those statements by Rove sound like somthing that is said by a backwards redneck. Liberals try and come to a comon solution to intelligently deal with a national problem and conservative start arming the nukes. Excellent article!
W is speaking to us Tuesday night ... the only truth would be if he admits all his lies.
The tactic is to never admit to a mistake. If they do then the house of cards comes tumbling down.

No Child Left Behind is a joke. It is no more but much less than many education initatives developed by incoming presidents. It is an unfunded mandate.

Amazing that Rove should suggest the GOP wants less regulation when they have been so actively campaigning to involve themselves in our lives and bedrooms. The Patriot Act itself, a misnamed attempt to garner control, regulates our rights away.

And as a republican myself, one who feels her party has slipped away from her, I can say that I've never met a democrat who advocated abortion. I do know many, however, who believe those choices are best left to the individual and not dictated by government. I heartily agree.
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