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Sunday, June 19, 2005 

Mailbag: a true Conservative speaks

I try to answer all the email we get at, and that means reading the wingnut flame mail too. Occasionally, however we do get mail from people who, though they don't agree with our position, demonstrate a refreshing civility and humanity in expressing their views. Bob was one such individual.

He wrote in initially about the semantic argument that came up last week over the word "fixed" as used in the DSM, but the discussion expanded to much broader issues. Here is a recent email he sent to us:

I wish it was possible on a wider scale to have calm, intelligent discussions about the important issues.  The conflict in Iraq is very painful to all of us.  My son is serving in Iraq at the present time and I trust he will come hope safely.

Although I do support Bush and believe I understand why he and his advisers made the decisions they made, I unfortunately believe that we that we seldom get our "best and brightest" citizens in the highest levels of government.  With the level of real hate that seems to exist out there, it's no wonder the kind of people we need as leaders don't want to expose themselves and their families to that kind of life.

I think we need a third party - the "Common Sense Party".  Because I am firmly pro-choice and support a ban on assult weapons, am not an evangelical Christian, etc., etc., I really don't fit the image of what a Republican is but on the other hand, I just can't handle the kind of vicious language that comes out of people like Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, etc.

Well, thanks for your response.  I truly hope that the future in the Middle East will be positive and that the people of Iraq will soon be able to handle their own security and all our troops can come home.

Thank YOU, Bob, for your sober and candid thoughts. You are a true Republican, a conservative in the original sense of that now-perverted word. May your son return home soon.

 posted by ukiyo1  # 2:03 AM  
There is nothing common about sense, and Bob proves that!

I am heartened that idiots who support Bush are sending their children to die for Bush's oil futures ('cause they ain't dying for our Republic or liberty or justice for anyone)!

I hope your son returns alive; but as long as parents like you send their babies to die in Iraq, the war will continue.

But how can anything positive happen in Iraq while you proclaim your support for the immorality of it all.

Go ahead keep voting like you have a millionaire's wallet. Just keep my family out of your immoral wars! Send your children to be slaughtered, but not mine!
Why does Bob critize and make an issue out of the remarks and information from those he says he cannot stand, when he seems to have the capability to ignore those same type of remarks and information from those on the Republican Train.

Does Bob show his true colors and attitudes in being able to ignore the same kind of talk on his beloved Republican side?

I do not believe that Bob is as pure as he lets on to be. Is Bob really a plant who tries to confuse and get admiration from others.
Anyone who can say he still supports Bush and understands his decisions and still supports him and his adminstration is definitely
somewhat mixed up and is still a dyed in the wool Republican.
Indeed Bob doesn't get it. As long as well-meaning, but ignorant Americans continue to provide able-bodied soldiers to Bush and his ilk, the unofficial government of the world (the Multi-national Corporations) will continue to push their agenda on countries like Afganistan and Iraq.

What's their agenda? GOD. Guns Oil and Drugs.

Bob is right about the so-called left, and the so-called right, of course. There's no difference between Democrats and Republicans. They are all bought and paid for by the same corporate money, and dance to the same puppet master.
Please give examples of "vicious language" out of Harry Reid. It's time that common sense Republicans face the reality of the very sensible Democrat leaders instead of picking fights with straw men.
Bob needs to look into the Libertarian Party.
I disagree with what you say Bob, but pray with all my heart that your precious son returns home safely to you and your family. It is very upsetting to me to see good young people from good famiilies like yours that joined the service for noble careers and/or educations be duped by Bushco.
Bob, I completely understand where your coming from, thats why I chose to be in a party that (shall we say) is less popular on the left side of the political arena. There's just really no choice in America, either party you choose your going to be on the right-wing. It's either Neo-liberalists or Neo-Conservatives. The whole problem we are experienceing in America right now is not about political parties, its the fact both parties focus on ideology more then they do on being practicle.

Thats the third party we need, a place where practicle people come together and make progress in government rather then bitching about ideologies. Well anyway, God bless you and your son, may they return from Bush's War on Freedom.
Bob is correct that there needs to be a new party. I propose it be called the Factor Party in honor of Bill O'Rielly and his remarkable and frightening ability to convince people to support a party which by their own admission is almost completely contrary to their personal values, simply by throwing around a few false but catchy catch phrases like "vicious".

Bob: Try listening to what PEOPLE say instead of merely what Bill claims they say.
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