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Friday, June 24, 2005 

If you're a parent...

You should read this. Taken from letters to the editor of the Guardian, Thursday June 23, 2005:

"Jonathan Freedland (Yes, they did lie to us, June 22) is right to call for a full investigation into the lies we were told to take us to war. Our loved ones gave their lives in the service of this country. They all died in the Iraq war. When they went to that war they believed they were being sent to defend our country. They were told it was their duty to disarm the Saddam regime of its weapons of mass destruction.

When enlisting, servicemen and women sign an oath of allegiance to her majesty's government. All they ask in return is that their government acts in an honourable, truthful and responsible manner, and only deploys troops into the theatre of war to risk their lives when absolutely necessary. We now believe our prime minister, Tony Blair, misled the people of this country as to the true reasons for the war in Iraq. We believe there was no serious evidence for WMD. We also believe that the assurances given by the attorney general, Peter Goldsmith, as to the legality of the war are highly questionable.

This is why we are calling for an independent public inquiry into the decision to go to war. We must restore accountability to public life. Our loved ones deserve justice and the people of this country deserve the truth."

Reg and Sally Keys, Parents of L-Cpl Thomas Keys
Rose and George Gentle, Parents of Fusilier Gordon Gentle
John and Marilyn Miller, Parents of Cpl Simon Miller
Tony Hamilton-Jewell, Brother of Sgt Simon Hamilton-Jewell
Peter Brierley, Father of L-Cpl Shaun Brierley
Anna Aston, Wife of Cpl Russell Aston
George and Ann Lawrence, Parents of Lt Marc Lawrence
Tracey Pritchard, Wife of Cpl Dewi Pritchard
Patricia Long, Mother of Cpl Paul Long
Sharon Hehir, Wife of Sgt Les Hehir
Lianne Seymour, Wife of Operator Mechanic 2nd Class Ian Seymour
Debbie Allbutt, Wife of Cpl Stephen Allbutt
Theresa Evans, Mother of L-Bombardier Llywelyn Karl Evans
Roy and Eileen Shearer, Parents of L-Cpl Karl Shearer
Richard and Karen Green, Parents of Lt Philip Green
Beverley Clarke, Mother of Trooper David Clarke
James and Rae Craw, Parents of Cpl Andrew Craw

 posted by ukiyo1  # 2:22 AM  
What US? American parents hold on to your children > protect them from PNAC.
How many babies-for-oil till it stops?
i no rite! my mums' SUV runs on baby oil and anonimous sauces!!!!
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