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Sunday, June 12, 2005 

DSM is "Hard Evidence"

Knight Ridder Newspapers has an article by Dick Pulman which is being in carried in several newspapers today. It described how the President has not denied the most shocking revelation in the memo, and how it is "hard evidence" for the President's critics. Also of interest in the article is this excerpt about the document's accuracy and authenticity:

Andrew Bacevich, a retired Army colonel who is now a war analyst at Boston University, said: "The memo is significant because it was written by our closest ally, and when it comes to writing minutes on foreign policy and security matters, the British are professionals. We can conclude that the memo means precisely what it says. It says that Bush had already made the decision for war even while he was insisting publicly, and for many months thereafter, that war was the last resort.

"This is no longer a suspicion or accusation. The memo is an authoritative piece of information, at the highest level."

On a side note, FOX news is carrying the AP story....with the headline "U.S. Flubbed Postwar Plan."

 posted by Georgia  # 9:30 AM  
[new] Human Rights Victory - a bit to the left of topic
Did you all hear that CA Democratic Rep Maxine Waters just got repeated standing ovations at the Push Convention in Chicago TODAY when she said that "Bush is a liar", and "Cheney is a thief", who has been stealing for Halliburton? Also said something to the effect that Condi Rice will go anywhere and say anything they tell her to say, and have the audacity to say with with a smile (this last is not an exact quote). I got this in an email from David Swanson, who runs .

Waters also said she and the Black Caucus would bring up an amendment to end the war EVERY DAY from now on.

Good people, I dare to visualize - and hope - that the whole cabal is going down, with the assistance of Downing St. revelations. The CBS bradcast TV news was full of stories of critics of Bush - for his misleading statements about how many terrorism convictions have been made, and for the second Downing St. information that came out yesterday in the London Times.

If you haven't read "Bring It Down. Now." by Hofstra professor David Michael Green, PLEASE treat yourself to it! (available at He is hopeful too, and supports his hope with more eloquence than I.

The "human right" of US citizens to be governed with integrity and true concern for the well-being of all the worlds peoples is my primary concern. I have hope today that we may be on the road back to that.
To paraphrase quote of Marlon Brando's character in THE FORMULA when he said, 'We are the Arabs ...' Well, the reality is, 'We are the terrorists.'

Repeat -- we are the terrorists.

Before you start smacking back a heated reply -- please look at any of these sites -- LOOK AT THE EVIDENCE CLOSELY ... and even a dolt with the brains of Georgie Bush can tell ... a) No 757 hit the Pentagon. b) WTC's 1 ... 2 and 7 were demolished by explosives. (In the history of skyscrapers, none, nada, zip have ever collapsed due to fire. Not even from high test kerosene AKA, jet fuel ...)

Get mad, write your newspapers -- call your congressmen and senators. The proof is before your eyes.

At every turn, the Bush Crime Family has lied. From Election to Selection. From Wars from no WMD's to gay male whores spending the night who call themselves 'journalists' ... to Social Security to ... to ... to ...

There is a house on fire, folks -- and trapped in that house is the idea, the promise and the prayer that is America ...

Are we going to save America or just wait and watch her burn alive while the NeoCons, Inc. promise the water is coming ... the water is coming ... the water is NOT coming ....
Let me make sure I understand this: the same Cabinet of Tony Blair, who was widely accused by his own country of misleading the British voters on the Iraq war, is now seen as an unimpeachable source of second-hand information about the (assumed) mental workings of George Bush?

Ha ha ha.

Let's impeach Bush, but not because of some memo found at 10 Downing Street.

I can suggest, for starters, that we all remind ourselves of the Presidential Finding signed by George Bush prior to the invasion of Iraq, which constitutes his determination that Iraq was involved in the attack on the US in 9/11/01.

John Dean, a man who has some personal knowledge of these matters, has already written that this document is sufficient to begin impeachment proceedings, since lying to Congress is not usually seen as a Presidential prerogative.

Let's get started on the hearings now, and get it on the right basis.
USMC Staff Sergeant says:

I love my Corps and my country. To do my duty as a Marine to protect my country from enemies both foreign and domestic, Iask that we focus on taking back the house and the senate so that Bush will truly be reduced to the lame duck president we all know him to be.
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