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Tuesday, June 07, 2005 

About the DSM

The Downing Street "Memo" is actually a document containing meeting minutes transcribed during the British Prime Minister's meeting on July 23, 2002—a full eight months PRIOR to the invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003. The Times of London printed the text of this document on Sunday, May 1, 2005, but to date US media coverage has been limited. This site is intended to act as a resource for anyone who wants to understand the facts revealed in this document.

The contents of the memo are shocking. The minutes detail how our government did not believe Iraq was a greater threat than other nations; how intelligence was "fixed" to sell the case for war to the American public; and how the Bush Administration’s public assurances of "war as a last resort" were at odds with their privately stated intentions.

When asked, British officials "did not dispute the document's authenticity." and a senior American official has described it as "absolutely accurate." Yet the Bush administration continues to simultaneously sidestep the issue while attempting to cast doubt on the memo’s authenticity.

Nobody wants to go to war. We trust our leaders to shed blood in our name only when absolutely necessary. But the facts revealed by the Downing Street Memo force us to ask ourselves: Was I misled? Did President Bush tell me the truth when he said he would not take us to war unless absolutely necessary?

More than two years after the start of the Iraq War, Americans are just learning that our government was dead set on invasion, even while it claimed to be pursuing diplomacy. Please join us in demanding that we get to the bottom of this issue.

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a test comment
Didja hear?! CA Democratic Rep Maxine Waters just got repeated standing ovations at the Push Convention in Chicago TODAY when she said that "Bush is a liar", and "Cheney is a thief", who has been stealing for Halliburton? Also said something to the effect that Condi Rice will go anywhere and say anything they tell her to say, and have the audacity to say with with a smile (this last is not an exact quote). I got this in an email from David Swanson, who runs .

Waters also said she and the Black Caucus would bring up an amendment to end the war EVERY DAY from now on.

Good people, I dare to visualize - and hope - that the whole cabal is going down, with the assistance of Downing St. revelations. The CBS bradcast TV news was full of stories of critics of Bush - for his misleading statements about how many terrorism convictions have been made, and for the second Downing St. information that came out yesterday in the London Times.

If you haven't read "Bring It Down. Now." by Hofstra professor David Michael Green, PLEASE treat yourself to it! (available at He is hopeful too, and supports his hope with more eloquence than I.

The "human right" of US citizens to be governed with integrity and true concern for the well-being of all the worlds peoples is my primary concern. I have hope today that we may be on the road back to that.
and waited for yet another maniacal dictator to amass enough power and weaponry to rival what the democrat wimps allowed Adolph Hitler to before much too late to avoid the millions of deaths it cost us to maintain our freedom???!!!
we need wimps, and the buillied in officem, we need people who care if office, nopt psycopthas, who do not care about anybody else, like hitler, or pat buchanan, or anie the nazi, arnie the nazi preffered the nazi rule in austria which killed a mi8llion austriansm, to thye comie rule which kiklled 100 war crinminals,
we need wimps, we need nice people, who are like the guy at the bottom of the heap, not some nazi supermen, who see us as rival walrusses, in teh way of their girlfirends, we need to be huimasn, equal, not warring verminm like arnie the thug
we need wimps oinm office, ther atre more likely to kill bullies, and less likley to be psycopaths, i,.e look at the bully arnie, and the bullied fdr, the bully hitler, and mussolini, and the bullied, truman, who was kcalled a sissy, and the bullied, churchill, bullies should be burned alive,
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